Friday, June 02, 2006

Superheroes & Silver Foxes

I told you all about finding the lake yesterday, what a joy & delight to my water-loving soul it was. The rest of the day went much as planned. I did some unpacking & made ají for J so that she could have a good snack once home from work. While she worked on a letter, I poked around our new cable channels. There's a lot more Spanish language stuff, which is fun for me. I watched part of a show on Our Lady of Fatima in Spanish & also a Cuban children's program. I listened to Cuban pop about the world of sex and to classic salsa. Then, J discovered that around here, we get the Logo channel, MTV's new gay channel. Time Warner in Western Ohio wouldn't carry it. I guess it's either an Adelphia thing or a blue corner of the state thing. Either way, I'm glad. There was an interesting show on about gay history.

When J finished her letter, we took the kids to see the new X-Men movie. I think it's funny how much I have come to like those X-Men movies...normally, I would rather see something like The Lake House. Oh, we saw a preview for a movie coming out next February called Ghost Rider. That looks like fun. We also saw a preview for the new Fast & Furious movie, which we will not be taking Boot to see no matter how much he begs. I imagine his father will, but no way. The preview just drips with objectification of women. Yuck! This time around with X-Men, my favorite character was Wolverine. Usually, it's Storm. J adores Wolverine. The kids decided that J would be Rogue & I would be Jean. Not sure how to take that. I'd rather be Xavier or Wolverine, frankly. J thinks I would be Storm. I think she would be Xavier. Boot would be the Blue Beast and Pie would be Bobby.

After the movie, and despite the ridiculously large tub of popcorn we couldn't finish, we had dinner at the Winking Lizard. They have gone totally smoke-free inside, which I appreciate, so we were able to sit right by the iguana's tank and watch him throughout the meal. He is just cool. He was doing a fair amount of watching us, too. Last night, I dreamed they had a giant lizard at the library & it jumped on a patron & tried to eat her head! I also dreamed about a really cool silver fox showing up at our place. He freaked the cats out, but was very affectionate with me. I wasn't sure I should touch him, thinking he might bite or something. But, when I touched his rough fur, he purred. Yes, I know they're canine. This dream has some kind of allegorical meaning, I am certain.

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