Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hangin' with the Pizza Boys and the Pastor Boys

Friday, I got back from Dayton about 2 and had a little bit of time to clean house before we went to get the boys. We stopped on the way back home for dinner at Yours Truly in Mentor. J and I had stopped there a couple of times before and enjoyed it. It was again good. Once home, everyone retired in front of various screens to relax for the evening. I watched a couple DVRed episodes of "Barefoot Contessa" while J watched t.v. with Boot and Pie played X-Box.

Saturday morning, Pie slept in while J, Boot and I went to the Farmer's Market, had pizza at an outdoor stand at Crocker Park and checked out the bookstores. It's remarkable to me that Boot wants anything to do with bookstores now. For awhile, he disdained going in even for the CD and DVD section. Now, he even looks at books sometimes! We got groceries after that. I love how helpful Boot always is in the grocery. I think he is even starting to like Trader Joe's a little.

We roused Pie from his video-induced stupor when we got home and made him get dressed. I made a cherry lemon cheesecake pie and stuck it in the fridge to chill and J made a pizza for hungry boys. After they noshed, we went to see "Iron Man." Iron Man is Pie's very favorite Marvel guy and he's been waiting anxiously for the movie for almost 2 years. It did not disappoint. I think Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect choice for the lead. During the movie, Pie leaned on my shoulder and said, "This is awesome!!!" He is so cute. Boot liked it, too. Next, I want to see "Prince Caspian" or the Indiana Jones movie. I am so excited about those.

We went home and I made chicken marsala for the grown folks. The boys were all full of pizza and not interested in eating again (at least not until Boot made himself a shake with chocolate peanut butter ice cream and vanilla soy milk). The marsala was very good and J and I had pie for dessert, too. Boot went to bed early and Pie had already gotten back into his video games. J fell asleep on the loveseat while I was cleaning up the kitchen, so I joined her and watched the David Cook bits of the last two weeks of "American Idol." I can't believe I am so hooked on that show and on him. I wonder if the show will hold any interest for me next season or if it's all about David Cook. He's a great performer and seems like a genuinely nice guy, too. My auntie is so happy to have someone to watch it with her and my wife is disgusted that I've become corrupted. LOL!

Sunday morning, I went to church and the Mission Trip fundraiser breakfast. Our pastor is going on sabbatical over the summer to care for his wife, who is fighting a brain tumor. I am so glad he's going to have some time off. He has just been utterly frazzled. They are getting an acting pastor for the summer and our interim AP has agreed to keep doing his 10 hours per week. I quite like him. He is a retired UCC pastor and always has an interesting story to tell. I sat with him and his wife, along with another retired pastor and his wife, at the breakfast. It was fun to hear their stories and they wanted to hear all about my seminary experience. Neither of them has read much Calvin & they don't seem to think much of him. Our interim said Calvin fell off the pedestal for him when he found out Calvin watched Servetus burned at the stake and thought it was the right thing to do. No kidding! That turned me off, too, when I first read about it. There is some good to his theology, though. I think I like Bucer better, but he also wanted Servetus killed. I need to get a "Heretic in Good Company" t-shirt. Anyway, I found out at the breakfast that my name has been mentioned as a possibility for helping out over the summer. It would be a wonderful opportunity and I'd love to do it, but I don't know if they're looking for someone who is already ordained. If it's right, it will happen.

After church, I hung around the house waiting for everyone else to get themselves roused and ready to go have some fun. We didn't get out of the house until about 2, though, so we only had time to run some errands and eat lunch at Cleats. I love their fries. I was a little irritated with the boys' loud and inappropriate joking, but after I talked to J and J talked to them about the possible implications of their public behavior for my career, they toned it down somewhat. They were nappish in the car, but woke up in time to give us big hugs before we reached their father's house. They'd given us a really sweet Mother's Day card they made and the hugs were really nice, too. I think they are seeing more and more that life with their father is not a bed of roses. Last time they visited, they both said they'd rather live with us and told us about their dad chasing Boot with a golf club. That man is nuts. This weekend, they again said they'd rather live with us and Pie told us that their dad spends all the money on beer. Man, how that judge could have thought he was even remotely fit to parent them full-time is beyond me. Boot says he is going to drive them over to our place himself once he gets a truck. That's if his dad allows him to use it for that purpose. I bet he won't. What a piece of work!

We got home and poked around the yard to see what's growing. We have all kinds of wildlife coming through our yard all the time. J has seen a fox and deer, I've seen groundhogs and possums and a baby skunk. We see squirrels and stray cats all the time. We have a madly-blooming pink azalea bush amongst the scraggly pine out the kitchen window. I'm looking forward to planting some hanging baskets for the front porch & herbs and tomatoes for the deck. This is the last week of school and I am thrilled to be able to stay home for the summer. This being away from home 3-4 days a week is too much!

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