Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bras and Barbecue

I got up this morning with the clear intention to get myself a new white bra, with no holes in the fabric and no underwire snaking its way out. When I told Jeanie, she said she'd love to go along, if I didn't mind. Mind??? She's got to be kidding! I love having an auntie who likes to go shopping and do girly stuff with me. I adore my friends, but we mostly do things like play with art or have serious discussions. Jeanie is my partner in frivolity. She's got me hooked on "American Idol" even!!! I held my breath with trepidiation tonight until I found out my guy, David Cook, is going to be in the running next week. How ridiculous is that??? Only Jeanie could get me hooked on such inanity. I rarely even watch t.v. and certainly don't have "can't-miss" shows. And she's got me DVRing Idol.

So, we headed out to Kohl's to see about decent bras in our size. It turned out that they were having a special bra fitting event...who knew? So, we had an undiepalooza, then moved on to T.J. Maxx, where I found a Sam McBratney teacup for J ("I love you to the moon and back again"), a little fairy tale dress to hang jewelry on that I have been eyeing & not letting myself buy for a few years now and a journal to use for my renewed weight loss effort. We hit Avenue, too. Jeanie had never been in and was very excited by all the bright colors and with-it styles. I picked up some chocolate brown capris, a vintage-style periwinkle blouse with raised dots and a butter yellow T. Oh, and a slinky nightie for summer. Love sales!

After our shopping spree, it was well past lunch-time. I suggested either Logan's Roadhouse, Chili's or City Barbecue. I'd been in the mood for lady food, but there's not really anything like that in that area. I had also been wanting to try City Barbecue for a long time. It was very, very good and I even got free banana pudding when I decided Jeanie's looked good and went to get some for myself. How cool is that? The pulled pork was excellent. For a fuller review, see Had it been earlier in the day, I would have dragged her to The Winds, but I'm glad I tried City Barbecue. I will definitely go back.

Tonight, it's back to the study grind now that I know my man, David Cook, is safe for another week. And more study tomorrow, along with a batch of Mommy Bars (AKA 7-layer cookies or magic bars, but my mom loves them so much that they've earned a new name in our family) for class. I was going to do bite-sized spice cookies with icing and sprinkles, but that's just too fiddly for this point in the semester. I will take the time before I go to sleep to read more of Diablo Cody's memoir, Candy Girl. Her screenplay for Juno was utterly brilliant, so I knew I had to read this. And it's like candy, can't put it down.

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