Monday, October 01, 2007

Holidays, October 3-9

3: Hooky-Playing Day-If at all feasible, take the day off and catch up on your sleep, take in a matinee or spend the afternoon playing bunco with some hooky-playing girlfriends!

4: Flannel Day-Whether it's sheets or a plaid shirt, snuggle into some flannel today.

5: Coloring Day-I really like the Dover coloring books ( and those put out by artist Sudie Rakusin (

6: Early To Bed Day-Crawl between those flannel sheets you just put on!

7: Wood Day-Appreciate wooden objects of beauty from trees to spoons...and maybe make something of your own! I have some absolutely wonderful wooden kitchen utensils made by Stan & Sue Jennings of Allegheny Treenware (

8: Drive in the Country Day-I love to ramble on back country roads. The last ramble I went on took me past farm stands bursting with pumpkins & squash, a sweet little town with a row of interesting-looking shops and several very handsome dogs.

9: Hero Day-Think about your heroes and consider how best to emulate them. Make a list of 3 small emulations you can pick up and make it your goal over the next couple of months to do them.

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Holly said...

I am going to take your advice and go on a country drive on Monday through Western CT to do some leaf peeping!