Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Holidays 9/25-10/2

9/25: Madame Moon Day, a wonderful opportunity to go outside and bask in the light of the first full moon of Autumn! Take a thermos of tea (I like Harney and Smith's Blue & Yellow right now) and a blanket and enjoy!

9/26: Honor the Elders Day-tell stories about your ancestors, bake a pie to take to your elder neighbors, have lunch with an older member of your spiritual community and soak up the knowledge!

9/27: Kids' Book Day-Some of my favorites are Maurice Sendak's In The Night Kitchen, Dav Pilkey's God Bless the Gargoyles and the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

9/28: Wisdom Day-Spend the day exploring the library for books to expand your wisdom!

9/29: Hobby Day, a great excuse to spend some time doing your favorite much-neglected hobby, be it parasailing, altered art or collecting vintage Halloween decorations.

9/30: Jewelry Day-Wear your favorite earrings, get out the beads and make a bracelet for your best friend, go to the most eclectic jewelry store in town and pick up a Frida Kahlo brooch or amber ring! One of my favorite jewelry stores is Ohio Silver in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

10/1: Sweater Day: Whether you're knitting a new one or pulling on a soft old blue cardigan, snuggle in!

10/2: Bonfire Day: If you can, head down to the beach or out to the fields for a bonfire, complete with hot dogs, marshmallows and spooky stories. Ladle up some apple cider for your friends and enjoy the dance of the fire! Even better if you can ride a hay wagon to get there!

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