Monday, February 12, 2007

Holidays February 13-19

February 13: Teddy Bear Tea, time to get out all your favorite bears for a spot of tea and some cucumber sandwiches.

February 14: Valentine's Day, on which I assume no comment is needed.

February 15: Thrifting Day, a perfect day to go poke around your favorite thrift store. I don't know the name of the thrift store in St. Petersburg, Florida where I got my Tony Lamas and should have gotten a big green velvet sombrero with silver spangles, but it was pretty cool. I am also quite fond of Village Discount Outlet in Dayton, Ohio. I haven't discovered the cool thrift stores here yet.

February 16: Cozy Day, a good day to snug in with a book and make a pot of your favorite soup for dinner.

February 17: Exotic Day, when you can put on a kimono to go out for curry and play the Gipsy Kings in the car on the way there! Unless you'd rather craft a banana skirt and do a little dance a la Josephine Baker for your sweetie?

February 18: The Birthday of My Beloved, but for practical purposes, also Cat Day. If you have cats, pamper them with a pot of fresh catnip, a sardine snack, a new toy mousie. If you don't have cats, get down to the shelter now and pick up a ball of furry love. I will be visiting the art museum and making a chocolate lava cake.

February 19: Winter Farewell...I know, I know, I am being entirely too optimistic here. But, I try to do things that I will be sad about missing if winter ends earlier than I expect. If you have snow, now is the time to boil some syrup and pour it over the snow to make candy (or maybe go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing). If you haven't yet taken the time to have a snowball fight or make a snow dragon, now is the time. If you like to cut out paper snowflakes for the windows, add them to the Valentine hearts that are still up. I'd love to hear what everyone's favorite winter activities are!

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