Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 1 is...

Mary Engelbreit Day! My mom and I made up a calendar where every day is a holiday. I have been lax about celebrating the holidays recently, so I thought posting about them, with ideas for celebration, might spur me into action. Today, I plan to work on altered art in honor of Mary Engelbreit's love of art. I am preparing tip-in pages for a swap. The theme is "seasons" and I am making 25, so this is a perfect excuse to get going on those. I think I'll work on Winter today, since it's still snowy & gorgeous out. Cold, too, but not as cold as it's going to get. They are predicting single digits next week, with a high of 7 degrees one day! Winter is finally acting like winter! Time to bundle up!

If y'all end up celebrating any of my posted holidays (I will try to post every day, but offer no guarantees), I'd love to hear about what you did!

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