Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wrapping Up

Yesterday was a day for wrapping things up down here. I am ready to be done here & go...probably mostly since I am so sick of packing & dread getting the house ready for sale. I am going to miss my friends here dreadfully, but I know that I will still be able to see them sometimes & will be in touch with them from Cleveland. I had lunch at Chipotle with Dave, my mentor from the UCC Church, & officially ended my internship (only a couple weeks early despite the move) over burritos in the sun. I really am going to miss that church, but I have every intention of staying connected. Dave had some recommendations for me regarding UCCs to look into once we hit Cleveland. He says that Liberation is Open & Affirming, meaning that they welcome straight folks. That might not work for me...I'd like more diversity, not only gay folks. I keep hearing Pilgrim mentioned, too, but it's IN Cleveland. Might be more of a drive than J wants. We'll be church shopping over the summer. Dave can't understand why I've stayed with the Presbyterians so long, while Brendan is urging me to attend a More Light Presbyterian church. There are 7 in the area, but I don't suppose I can straddle that fence anymore, not since I am going to be a pastor. I wish non-denominational wasn't generally code for ultra-conservative, gay-bashing. My views are so wide-open that sometimes I think I should be a Unitarian. But, the UU fellowships I have been to haven't felt particularly spiritual to me, but rather more intellectual than anything. And the pagan/goddess groups I've hung out with have tended to Christian-bash. Oy vey!

After lunch, I was headed for more errands when I got a call on my cell phone from the elementary school nurse. She thanked me for answering (does she have parents who duck her calls?) & explained that Pie wasn't feeling well, was very pale & running a fever. I immediately turned around & went back to get him. When I walked in, he was very pale indeed. He was sound asleep on the cot, drooling up a storm. He looks so fragile when he sleeps. He was hot & hard to wake, but I got him awake enough to get him home & tucked in bed with some acetominaphen in him.

Later in the afternoon, I ran errands, leaving Pie in the care of his brother, both of them napping & looking adorable. I signed my will, picked up J's "integrity" poster from her old HR manager in The Land of No Integrity, and got mirror boxes from the moving company. For $20 for 3 boxes, I am thrilled to pieces that I am getting most boxes from bookstores & groceries!!! What a rip-off! Once home, I worked on sorting out the contents of our cedar chest, mostly magazines and papers.

I made sausage & egg cups (in a muffin little breakfast casseroles), toast, & applesauce for dinner. Pie took 3 bites of applesauce & promptly went out in the back yard, starkers, to puke. Poor kid. I gave him more Tylenol & put him in the tub that Boot ran for him. He loved that & went to bed right afterward, with a bucket. No more throwing up, though. I'm not sure if they both had a virus or if they've both worn themselves out, but they are in good shape today. Pie woke up with a headache, but no fever or any other symptoms. I kept him home from school due to the 24-hour fever-free rule, but he is much better. Yay! I feel so terrible for them when they're sick. He had another bubble bath this morning, right after his bananas & oatmeal. He adores baths like I do. When he was in the tub this morning, he said to me, "You know, Daria, I love you as much as my dad, my mom, and Brother." I told him I love him so, so much & think he's fantastic. I said that I feel very privileged to be part of his life. Boot is less openly affectionate, but he has been really pleasant lately & helpful. Last night, he said he likes only having one pair of eyes watching them. He said, "Your consequences may be hard, but you can't see EVERYthing." I said, "And half the stuff I do see, I choose to ignore." He said he was glad. I figure that if they are not doing any harm, I can let small things slide. Gotta pick my battles!

I have spent the (very rainy) day packing up everything in the dining room. I made a room-by-room plan for myself & hope to have the DR totally ready to move by bedtime. Too bad many of the dishes have to go in storage. I can always bring them to the apartment if we end up having room for them. I am so thankful we have movers coming & I don't have to figure out how to move the hutch!!! That last move without movers, when it was me, my mom, and a U-Haul, was quite enough for me. I know she's glad she doesn't have to help with a move like that again, too! She has been so good to me, helping me through all kinds of crap. I wish everyone had such a loving & wise mom.

I wish everyone had a partner like J, too. I love getting calls from her. I got a letter today, too. She sounds so energized by her new job. It is incredibly heartening. I feel like I am getting everything I've been wishing for. Yes, the change is difficult in plenty of ways (I was looking at private insurance packages last night...UGH!), but I feel it's just what we need. Cleveland is going to be a good place for us. Not only the job, but being close to Jazzbo & Anne. Anne has invited us to a Mother's Day brunch she's doing Sunday. That will be fun! Her mom & sister are coming, too, along with her sister's girls. So, the boys won't be the only kids. Also, J said the pool is open, so we're taking our suits for the weekend! Have to remember to make sure our housesitter has a key before we leave!!!

I should get back to packing & make some cheeseburgers for Boot's choice dinner tonight!


frog philosopher said...

hi dar, are you selling the house after you move? we are considering doing it that way. it seems it would be so much less complicated.

Daria de la Luna said...

Yep. I think it will show better without boxes and moving supplies everywhere. Plus, I want to get it really clean & we might re-do some flooring. Too crazy to try to do all that now! I didn't know y'all were moving.

Sonya said...

Good luck with your continued packing! I'm glad you all will be reunited again soon.

jim said...

Hey, I'm just a passerby, taken by your writing and your life, imagine a 'land of no integrity', that is where we live isn't it? You are good-sounding to me, and your complications take me back a ways, imagine that, I say. A writer to boot, well, I'll come back and read some more another day if you don't ban from the blog. Thanks, good to meet you, I hope you get moved and can relax a bit, I have raised many children, not my own, and it is most rewarding, a wealth, thanks daria.