Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Spate of Deaths

Okay, so it's really only two, but that seems like a lot! On Tuesday, I had a voice mail from a friend at church that her mom had died. Her mom was in her 90s & until a few weeks ago, had been getting out & about with little trouble, driving herself just fine, thank you very much. She was mentally as clear as anything & was one of the nicest people I know. When I was a little kid, I used to go over to her house & visit. She really liked having me over and I really enjoyed her company. I am sad that she is gone. She was one of the brightest spots at church, a genuinely good person. We used to join her & her siblings for lunches at Young's Dairy every so often & felt like part of the family. The viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow.

Even more of a surprise was the news of the death of an old friend from doing theater when I was a teenager. She was a neat lady, a professional psychic, very active in theater and P-FLAG. We met on the set of Mary Roberts Rinehart's "The Bat", the first community theater show I was cast in. I also met my dear friend, Rachel, doing that show. She was the costumer. Terri loved people and welcomed me into her life readily. Although she was considerably older than me when we met (I was 14, she must have been in her 50s), I visited with her often. We maintained ties through all my moves & J & I last saw her in February. We got mini psychic readings from her, J's spookily accurate, and bought a rainbow flag from her daughter's store. She seemed in good health, so I was really surprised when I got the call last night.

On a more upbeat note, I have been spending much of my time packing, of course. I am a little behind, but have hope of getting caught up without pulling all-nighters. I did take the time yesterday to go to lunch with the grands. Next week is our last chance for our regular Wednesday lunch date, so I wanted to take advantage of being able to do that. I have really missed our Wednesday lunches since I started seminary. I thought they had arrived when the doorbell rang yesterday, but when I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw a round, bearded man holding a basket of flowers. J is such a romantic! There were pink lilies and carnations, purplish daisies, and the most exquisite buttery-yellow stock in the basket, along with a note saying simply, "Miss you." I miss her, too, so much I can hardly stand it. I don't know how I'm going to commute to seminary next year, taking me away from her 3 days a week. I keep telling myself that we're not actually missing 3 days because she would just be at work for most of that time. But, I will dearly miss having dinner with her, being together in the evenings, and sleeping curled up together like kittens.

When my grands arrived, there was no doorbell. Instead, I heard my grandmom's dear, familiar voice calling out a greeting. We meant to have lunch at Bob Evans, but it was so crowded that we chose to go out for Chinese instead. I told them all about the move progress and the new place, they told me all about my aunt Jeanie's graduation & my cousin Leah's prom up in Vermont. My granddad will, of course, be at Hamvention over the weekend. But, my grandmom & I made plans to go to Nola's shower together. I talked to John the other day & he said people will probably come back to their new home to see it. That means he's under the gun to get all the construction work finished before then!

After lunch, there was more packing and a great deal of kitten scolding. He thinks the flowers are a delicious snack provided just for him. Also, that curtains are for climbing. He is so darling that I can't stay aggravated with him, though. Pixie sure can. He gives him the most baleful stares. Jealous boy! Pix spent most of dinner putting his paw on my leg begging for spaghetti. When I offered him some afterward, he was no longer interested.

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