Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Relaxation Day Will Have To Wait

But, that's okay because I am having fun, anyway!

Last night was really pleasant, with a productive committee meeting & then fun time with the wife. So, I woke up feeling relaxed & ready for my day of galloping. This morning brought a meeting with our oldest's Math teacher & the principal. He says this afternoon that nothing has changed. I wonder if that is because his attitude in class hasn't changed or because there just hasn't been enough time to see improvement yet. My grandmom offered to tutor him & I am relieved to have that option.

Bible study was interesting...I am so proud of myself for telling the truth of my life these days at church, instead of just assuming people there wouldn't want to really know me because of my orientation. Maybe we can effect some change. And I sure am getting more out of it now that I am being fully myself.

After that, I picked up the Bug & went for lunch at my grands'...beef & noodles with swirly rye bread. There is something magical about sitting at their table, the way the light falls & seeing all the birds outside. As I walked up the steps, I heard a woodpecker & saw squirrels skittering away from the corn feeder. During lunch, there were a few chickadees and scads of cardinals, both male & female. What a display!

I hurried over to the VW dealership to have the headlight replaced. What a contrast from yesterday's auto repair experience. The place is impeccably clean, with a plush waiting room complete with gourmet coffees & snacks. It is as hushed as a library & smells like leather & new cars. The people working there are polished & pleasant. Not as good for writing material, but more pleasant for waiting.

They finished remarkably quickly (& even washed & vacuumed the car free of charge...what the heck???) & I was able to get home with ample time to greet the kids. I was all ready to hit the door for the E-Check, but their father called & I have been waiting for them to finish talking with him.

Wow, this must all look really dead boring, to see days in the life of a housewife. But, you know, I am so very happy with my life that I don't care. LOL!

Daria de la Luna

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Mommy said...

Hey girl!
I'm so excited that you are blogging. I really enjoy your writing......and love to hear you describe your surroundings. We are so much more alike than I could ever explain. You notice things that I would notice, and speak of things that I truly understand. I look forward to reading more!