Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Holidays 10/8-10/15

8-Drive in the Country Day, a perfect opportunity for some local leaf-peeping and maybe the perfect day to find a farm stand with pumpkins & Indian corn!

9-Hero Day, a time to dash off a quick note to one of your heroes to let them know what a difference they make in your life

10-Gay Pride Day, just before National Coming Out Day, a good day to read some gay history-Martin Duberman's Stonewall is a decent starting place.

11-Puddle-Splashing Day, so get out your wellies and go stomping, then come home to some nice, hot mulled cider and a cozy pair of slippers!

12-Childhood Candy Day, and for folks in the Cleveland area, that means a trip to B.A. Sweetie's for a cruise down memory lane and in Dayton, Foy's in Fairborn will serve as an effective time travel vehicle. What's the best place for your favorite childhood candies in your neck of the woods?

13-Writing Day-whether it's a novel or a letter, spend some time at the page today.

14-Flaming Foliage Day, a fun time to go out and gather brightly hued leaves to scatter on your dining table

15-Pumpkins & Gourds Day, upon which it is a delight to create an arrangement of your favorite squashes & maybe some mums on a bale of hay in the yard or as a centerpiece for a fall dinner party!

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Stacey said...

Daria, I've tried emailing you but it always gets returned to me. I have a link I wanted to share with you. http://citymama.typepad.com/citymama/2008/11/what-a-child-un.html I think it is beautifully written. The eyes of a child.