Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holidays 9/30-10/7

I finally found my holiday book. Since packing for our move, I haven't been celebrating my daily holidays and I am thrilled to have my book back!

Sept 30: Jewelry Day, a good opportunity to wear your favorite piece or buy a new one! You could also make a bracelet for a friend or organize your jewelry, as I plan to do.

Oct 1: Sweater Day, time to slip on a comfy old sweater or perhaps knit a new one in a fabulous fall color!

Oct 2: Bonfire Day, so slip down to the shore or into the yard this evening and create a cozy fire! Sit around with friends and reminisce about autumns in years past as you roast weinies and toast marshmallows.

Oct 3: Hooky-Playing Day-if at all possible, call off work and treat yourself to a movie or a day curled up with a book.

Oct 4: Flannel Day, perfect for snuggy sheets or an L.L. Bean shirt.

Oct 5: Coloring Day, because no one is ever too old to color! I like the Dover coloring books, but if you want a Barbie book from the kids' section, have at it! Coloring can be great meditation and once when J's secretary was bummed about a house she wanted to buy not passing inspection, I took her colored pencils and a butterfly coloring book, instructing her to visualize her perfect house as she colored.

Oct 6: Early To Bed Day, so climb in with a mug of tea and get some much-needed rest!

Oct 7: Wood Day, a nice time to create a carving, stain a wooden box or even just spend time in the woods!

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