Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mastering the Art of the Humdrum

Okay, so we are not the most exciting pair of dykes to hit the blogosphere. I'm going to write about our tremendously pedestrian weekend anyway. Friday, we went to pick up the children. Pie immediately offered sympathy for the death of my grandmom and said, "I don't know why you're not just sad all the time." Sweet boy. I know he'll miss her, too. She would make sure to have cookies for him and spent time at the window with him telling him all the different kinds of birds and showed him the plants in the yard, bloodroot, nodding trillium, jack in the pulpit, tiny narcissus and the wonderful dogwoods.

We did nothing in particular Friday night. On the way home, we stopped at IHOP to get dinner, since we had BOGO coupons to use. Very handy! Not my preferred dining choice, but the food wasn't bad at all. Then, we went home and I got a head start on the coming semester's reading while J and Boot watched t.v. and Pie played video games.

Saturday, we were all very lazy, lying about in bed until all hours. J and I went grocery shopping at 4 different stores. I got to experience Regos, which J was just blown away by and which I thought was not nearly as nice as Heinen's. We did pick up some decent buffalo chicken salad and some fairly good hummus. We also did Trader Joe's, Marc's and Giant Eagle. J is interested in stocking up the freezer against coming higher food prices. I am so glad we now have the big freezer at our disposal.

Once we were done, we went home and J took Boot out jeans shopping. I was so glad not to have to go along and I know Pie was, too. Pie who devoured my doughnut, all innocent of my ownership of it. I am seriously going to have to start hiding any food I don't want to vanish under the preying of the locusts. I spent the afternoon cooking, making a roast chicken and an Oreo cake. Boot ended up mopping the kitchen because an energy drink leapt out of the fridge and fizzed its red stickiness all over the floor. He volunteered to mop, so we let him. I wish we hadn't. We had a nice sit-down dinner, then Pie hit his room while Boot began obsessively clearing the table while J & I were still finishing our food. He told us we're "dirty and lazy" (in an oh so friendly and casual way, but I was still pissed) because we don't get up from the table to start cleaning up the very second the last bite hits our gullet and we don't replace our broom every two months like his grandmother does. Yeah, well, we don't keep all our furniture coated in plastic the way she does, either. Who the hell replaces their broom every 2 months??? I don't even replace my toothbrush until 3 months have passed! And, by the way, this comes from the boy who never washes his hands after he goes to the bathroom & who can't figure out why I object to him spitting in the kitchen sink!

Sunday morning, we awoke 20 minutes before the service started and I hastily tossed on some clothes and rushed out the door. The service was fun, with an impromptu rendition of the "Lone Ranger" theme by our choir director during the children's message and one of the youth playing trombone for us. At coffee hour, I caught up with our fellow all-girl couple, who are frustrated at the lack of available teaching jobs for Angie. I hope she finds a fabulous long-term sub position soon! I also had a conversation with Robert, who loves to talk heretical fiction with me. He has discovered a book he wants me to read & is trying to remember to bring it.

After church, I went home to find my sweet petunia still in bed and the kids still asleep. She got up & we made a big Sunday dinner of country-fried steak, mashed potatoes, white gravy and corn. By the time we'd eaten and I'd gotten the kitchen cleaned up, it was about time for us to hit the road. We took the kids back home in near silence. Pie slept the whole time and Boot was on the verge of a doze much of the way. I was immersed in Rob Bell's "Velvet Jesus" while J drove. It was a nice switch to be the one reading. I do hope Rob Bell is not another homophobe. I so admire Brian McLaren, but am deeply disappointed with him for his inability to affirm same-sex relationships. I hope he grows out of it.

When we got home, we considered going to see "Evan Almighty" outside at church. But, since J had to be up very early and didn't feel altogether well, we decided to stay in. I made baked eggs in toast cups and we watched the depressing yet compelling "Little Children" before going to bed.

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