Friday, June 06, 2008


J was in Chicago on business when time came to get the boys last Friday, so I drove over and got them, greatly enjoying the flower scents wafting in the open car windows as I rode along 90 toward Erie. The boys were in good spirits, didn't fight a lick while we were on the road. Grabbed some groceries and heated up some homemade chicken soup for dinner, but no one was hungry except me. So, Boot and J sat by me and chatted while I had soup and an herbed turkey sandwich.

We went to bed fairly early and slept in too late to make it to the Farmer's Market. J had gotten my cold and was miserable, but managed to get out and about for grocery shopping and poking around Crocker Park with Shopping Boy. He picked up a Cleveland Indians ballcap that looks remarkably good on him. We had a nice time over there and there was great people-watching.

Saturday evening, we agreed to let the boys try the new Pizza Hut pasta. Personally, I think ordering pasta for take-out is silly, since it's so simple and cheap to make a terrific pasta dinner at home. But, Boot's been wanting to try it ever since the ads appeared. We tried both the marinara and the alfredo. J and the boys approved heartily of the marinara and thought the alfredo was okay. I thought it was all decidedly mediocre. Oh, well.

Sunday, I was the only one who went to church. J was feeling even worse, poor thing. She's had a rough spring, first spraining her back, having an oogey stomach for about a month now and then this cold. Oh, and this is the second cold of the spring for her. Put her allergies on top of all that and she's not been a happy girl. Church was nice, but nothing amazingly inspiring. It was our summer interim's first day and she did a nice job. I had some nice visiting at coffee hour with folks who joined the same Sunday we did, then headed home to find the fam eating Dunkin' Donuts. I declined, still peeved over their ridiculous cancellation of the Rachael Ray ads that some asinine right-wingers decided proves that she's a terrorist. Apparently, they have decided that her wearing a kaffiyeh means she supports violent fundamentalist Muslims. WTF? So, if someone wears a business suit, they support greedy corporate CEOs who are willing to rob people of their retirement funds to make an enormously inflated profit? And if someone has a crew cut, surely they are very much of the same mindset as Timothy McVeigh, right? Automatically associating a traditional Arabic garment with terrorism is idiotic, bitching about it to Dunkin Donuts more so. But what is the most stupid of all is Dunkin Donuts caving to this pressure. For the love of God, why can't people act like they've got good sense??? If it wasn't so bloody hot right now, I'd have to dig out my own kaffiyeh (which I like because it's pretty and keeps me warm in the winter) and don it. I'd probably get shot.

While I'm on a rant, I also am really tired of people slamming celebrities for this that and the other perceived fault. I don't personally know Rachael Ray. She seems okay to me, but really, who am I to even judge? When I was looking into the Dunkin Donuts story, I saw some virulently nasty comments about her by random internet wankers who also don't know her. People said things like "Everyone knows she's actually a gigantic asshole", "ugly, irritating, raspy-voiced, talentless, no-necked bitch," "ol' porker Rachael," "man hands," "sausage fingers" "I despise Rachael Ray" and on & on it goes. First of all, why so mean? Is this kind of savaging really necessary? And she's not even fat!!! At all!!! And does anyone talk about Mario Batali, who is decidedly fat? Why no. Not that his size bothers me, but he's a hell of a lot bigger than she is and you never hear people saying things like "Ol' porker Mario." Total sexism right there, if you ask me. Second, why her? Why not turn your savaging toward people who are actually making decisions that affect the lives of millions of people, if you must be mean? If Rachael Ray wears a scarf, shills for Dunkin Donuts or whatever, how, really, does that affect the life of your average internet commentator? 'Nuff said.

Back to my weekend. Sunday afternoon, we KFCed the boys, then drove them back to their father's. J was having a really hard time, crying because she didn't want to have to take them back. I am clueless as to how I can help her, other than just loving her. I did make her a really good dinner, pasta Florentine, that night. Maybe that helped a little. I know, how about the internet meanies rip on J's ex & the biased judge we pulled instead of Rachael Ray, Britney Spears or the despised celeb of the day?

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