Monday, July 16, 2007

A Splashy 4th

We had visitation with Boot on the 4th from 9 to 9, so we decided to make the most of it by visiting with him there. When J got off work Tuesday night, we packed up the car (primarily with swimsuits & towels) and headed to Erie. We checked into our hotel & took the shuttle to Splash Lagoon, where we played until closing time. Then, we had dinner & played NTN trivia at Damon's before heading back to the hotel to rest up for Wednesday.

J picked Boot up from his dad's and they joined me in the breakfast room of the hotel. We got Pie moving pretty easily and were at the waterpark just after opening. It wasn't very crowded. I took two books with me, one for dry reading and one for in the water. I keep a stash of pool books, paperbacks I pick up at thrift stores & yard sales & save for reading at/in pools. James Patterson's Cross was my dry book. It's great fun. My pool book was a Carolyn Hart mystery, Southern Ghost. I spent most of the day in one or another of the three "hot tubs"...really a range from cool to lukewarm to warm. J joined me much of the time and we did the lazy river, too. Of course, she did some slides with the boys, too. No wonder her suits are always wearing out so quickly!

We left the water park and headed for a Jelly Belly/fireworks/weapons store. I kid you not. While it may seem improbable that a weapons store would also sell chocolates and Jelly Belly jellybeans, this one does. J & I both got sweets, Boot got some firecrackers and Pie chose 2 display Ninja stars...the kind that look cool but aren't sharp. Then, we had dinner at Eat 'N' Park before we had to take Boot home. We got to see some fireworks on the way home, but it just isn't the same as going to a display at Gaunt Park. Oh well, we did see some good ones at John & Nola's.

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