Thursday, March 08, 2007

Carpet Woes

Two of our cats are pissed off about living in a smaller space, with only 2 litter boxes instead of four. They have taken to leaving us "presents" under the table every couple of nights. So, I have been immersed in carpet shampooing this week. I am so tired of hauling the shampooer out and nothing seems to help. I've gotten the recent spots out, but there is a smattering of speckles now, as if the carpet had freckles. Why anyone would ever put carpet where the dining table goes is beyond me, anyway. Obviously not someone with kids. But now we have carpet that's speckled. I think I either used too much carpet cleaning formula to the amount of water or I made a huge mistake in using Oxiclean water for a second rinse. I once had a similar effect on one of Boot's white t-shirts when I used too much bleach. Oy vey! J is planning to get some Spot Shot and work on the speckles with our handheld carpet spot remover. It's a good thing the cats are so damn sweet or we wouldn't be on speaking terms. Fred is definitely holding status as CFC (Currently Favored Cat) because the worst thing he does is steal Q-Tips from the trash (or box...he is an equal opportunity Q-Tip thief) to play with. In fact, last week J threw him a Q-Tip. He didn't notice it. She said, "Fred, there's a Q-Tip by your foot." He turned to look and started to play with it. Who says cats don't understand English? I just wish they'd obey.

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