Friday, April 14, 2006

Footwashing and Justice Walks: Holy Week Musings

Last night, my beloved and I went to the Maundy Thursday service at the UCC church. She had made a big pot of chicken tortilla soup for the common meal. I was so smart...I came up with the idea to transport the hot, spilly soup in a metal tub we use for ice & drinks when we have parties, to preserve my trunk the indignity of spilled soup. It worked beautifully!

The service was lovely. We sat at long tables set with baskets of bread, plates of cheese, platters of grapes, and sparkling grape juices. Another long table held 4 pots of soup. We had a blessing and reflection, then shared the common meal. After the meal, we continued the service with footwashing (I washed Daniel's feet & they are lovely, so dainty and well-formed), readings, and communion. My mentor put me totally in charge of communion. I was afraid I'd get nervous when I realized my OT prof, Laura, was there, but I felt completely at ease telling the story that went with it & then blessing the elements. We served each other at the tables, with matzo and sparking merlot grape juice. J & I also were part of the stripping of the sanctuary, responsible for taking the purple wall hangings out. Of course, we all left in silence afterward. It was a very moving service.

J & I stopped at Half Price Books on the way home, but couldn't find the book I was looking for, Tom Brown Jr's Grandfather, which is our next book group book. We came home & looked at apartments in an area we may be moving to, near Cleveland. I sent an e-mail to my youngest uncle to let him know we may be neighbors, if we move there. I also got an e-mail from my cousin's wife, Nola, who is expecting their first child in July. I hope he comes on my birthday...he's only due a few days later. Her shower will be next month. I love showers & her & hope that day isn't the same as the banquet for scholarship winners.

This morning, J brought us breakfast from McDonald's. She & I went to the annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross Walk for Peace and Justice. I had never been, but the UCC was participating, in charge of the Discrimination station, so we signed up to be readers. When we arrived at the old courthouse, Fran was the only one there. She had given us a stained glass cardinal for Pie at the Maundy Thursday service, having found out he loves the birds. J & I were clad in jeans & hot tops, a sweater for me & a sweatshirt for her. Fran wore a sleeveless top and shorts. Smart lady! We were SO hot! But, what a wonderful experience! As we walked the 14 stations, we carried blue crosses. Mine said "Homophobia" while J's said "Poverty" and others carried other messages. At each station , there were scripture readings, connections to present life, quotes, and prayers. It was quite powerful. At the final station, we stood with our pastor, my mentor, and watched him throw rocks into the Miami River. His 3 year old would say, "Do it again, Papa!" and he would. What a delight. My OT & Church History profs came to the walk, too. 2/3 of the feminist trio there at school.

After the walk was over, we went to Logan's Roadhouse to wash the camels off our tongues and get a bite to eat. It was the first time J had been there...and my first visit to the local one. I was sorry to see that they don't have the fried green tomatoes the one in Nashville had. But, I had a decent buffalo chicken sandwich & J had a stellar salad with really good grilled chicken.

We came home & I napped with Pixie while J napped on Boot's bed with the boys playing video games while she dozed. I hadn't meant to nap, just to pet the cat for a minute before moving on to either work on my Hebrew exegesis paper or sorting clothes pre-move. However, the cat sleep magic worked on me & I awoke much later when J told me the boys were giving their goodbye hugs.

After they left, we climbed back into bed & dozed a smidge more. We spent some time watching a style show where they make someone over after throwing out all the ungainly (or not) clothes in their closet. I can't remember the name. It's not What Not To Wear. Then, we went out to Barnes & Noble to look for the Uppity book. They didn't have it, either, so I ordered it. We had fabulous drinks (chai tea for J & iced Zen tea for me) & poked around, I saw scads of books I wanted. J got a poetry book & a Sci Fi one...I think she's still awake in the bedroom, immersed in her new book. I was thrilled to see a new issue of Weekend, my current favorite magazine. I didn't see Somerset Studio, another one I just love, but I did get a fairy magazine which looks like it will be fun!

After getting more tea, we headed over to Max & Erma's for a late dinner. I had French onion soup with half a roast beef & brie sandwich while J had another salad scattered with chicken, this one not nearly so appetizing. She liked it, though. I should go in & join her in bed, pore through my magazines & get ready for sleep. I'll be working on my paper tomorrow.

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