Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Weekend That Wasn't

Well, it was, of course, a weekend. But, it surely didn't feel like it. I was in a class on Ministerial Sexual Ethics all day Friday and Saturday. Not much to tell there. After class on Friday night, J & I ate ravioli with vodka sauce and watched a little t.v.

After class ended at 4 on Saturday, I headed right over to the UCC to get ready for the service. I chit-chatted with my mentor & made sure everything was ready for communion. My old friend, Andy, came to hear me preach (although his attendance was conditional on my not referring to it as preaching...afterward, he said he really liked my "talking"). The sermon, on sabbath-keeping, was well-received. After the service, we were invited back to Andy & Edwin's house for dinner. Edwin had stayed home cooking & presented us with steaming bowls of delicious pasta e fagioli soup. I need to get his recipe. We had a grand time visiting with them and with their 4 kitties, but with another service to do in the morning, we made a fairly early night of it.

The Sunday service went great, too. Rosemary & Brent came with darling Robert in arms. He took his first steps last week! I can't believe he's already old enough for that! I wish I had gotten to talk more to them, but it's always hard to get in any long bits of conversation after giving a sermon because there are so many people waiting to speak to me. Had we not been headed to Cincinnati right afterward, I would have asked them out to brunch.

But, we needed to go see J's folks. Her mom was sweet, as always, but her dad was in fine racist fettle. He was also ranting on & on about how awful the nurse's aides are at the home. Our experience has been that they are caring and responsible, but there's no telling him. I just bit my tongue all afternoon. Pie & I focused our attention on the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. He just adores animals & was very disappointed that we couldn't stay for the kitty half-time. Luckily, it was on when we got home, too, so he got to see it. He spent the evening enjoying that while I did some reading for my Reformed Theology study group & J & Boot entered into Stupor Bowl madness. Boot was thrilled that the Steelers won & wore his Bettis jersey to school the next day. I find it somewhat alarming that I even know who Jerome Bettis is!

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Andi said...

The Divine Miss M loved the puppy bowl and kitty half time. Did you know that last year, for the first annual puppy bowl, something like 5 million people watched... :) This year they had 3 Katrina rescues "competing" in the Puppy Bowl.