Thursday, December 15, 2005

One Semester Down...

That's right, today was the last day of my first semester of seminary. I had a ball, even learning Hebrew, which is hard and took up any spare time that might have been spent blogging. A quick recap of my classes:

Hebrew 1: Lots of hard work, but rewarding & with a great professor. He tells me that I am doing well. I guess he would know. It doesn't feel like it. But, I signed on for more Hebrew next semester. I am told that I must be a glutton for punishment. It has been suggested that I could just forget the Presbyterian denominational requirements since they won't ordain me, anyway. I can't.

Intro to Old Testament: Great class, great prof, think I did fairly well. Our team, The Hammerers (Maccabees) won the "Jeopardy" game we played the final day. Woohoo! I think this class was pretty rough on some of the literalists among us.

Ministry Formation: A necessary part of study, but I get frustrated with the lack of structure in the core group. Our facilitator is very nice, but not too organized. Really enjoy chapel, though, and getting to see different ways to worship. Also enjoy the fellowship of common meal.

Church History: Heavy reading load, but most of it very interesting. Got to write a paper on Christian syncretism of pagan holidays (& got a high pass) which was fun & interesting. Loved my prof even though she is a tough grader.

Next semester's line-up:

Hebrew 2
Hebrew Exegesis (I must be mad...Tim, the prof, assures me I can do it, though)
Ministry Formation
Reformed Theology (directed study with maybe 4 other students & my friend Laura as prof)
Intro to Theology (with a retiring prof who I hear is very good & very tough)
Church History (from the Great Schism, with a prof whose 1st semester it will be & who assigned us some readings over the holidays)
Minsterial Sexual Ethics (weekend intensive)

Now, I'm off to clean house & work on Christmas cards & wrapping!


Denise said...

Congratulations Daria on completing your first semester!!!

Daria de la Luna said... is really fun!