Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fall Bash & Afro-American Museum

Thursday, we had a really interesting church history section, got into a discussion about exclusivism in religion. We ran out of time to discuss Augustine, but I think the discussion was a good thing. After class, I invited Angela, my prof, to join my women's book group. She took down the name of the book & I need to remember to get an invite to her with the rest of the info. I had lunch at my grands' house, corn chowder & turkey sandwiches. It was nice to have lunch out there. Then, I came home & did some cleaning & some studying.

Thursday evening was the seminary's Fall Bash at the new campus. I took the boys with me & J came after she was finished with work, about 8:30. I entered my chocolate nemesis cake in the dessert contest & won second place, the prize for which was an Olive Garden gift certificate. I sat with Estelle & her husband & Martha & her family. When Cari brought her partner, Liz, over to meet me, she asked if I was having fun sitting with the classmate (Martha) of ours who is "disgusted" by our sin. Personally, I am still really mad at Martha for that. But, I also think she is simply ignorant. Maybe I can teach her. Nonetheless, it's fun to have another lesbian in the class to joke around about being a sinner with. The boys had fun running around with the other kids while the adults talked & listened to the bluegrass band that played. Angela came over & told me that I needed to sample her dessert, a chocolate mousse made with Scharffen Berger and silken tofu. Later, Estelle took us on a tour of the new campus. I can't wait until they get the pool up & running.

Friday morning, I took our silly Persian kitten in to get fixed. J had a doctor appointment, so I got a couple coffees from Dino's & met her there. Our doc has officially diagnosed her as being in early menopause. She recommends calcium, women's Bayer, and black cohosh. After J's appointment, we had a quick breakfast with the bitties, then she went to work & I headed over to the church. The women's group had a tour of the Afro-American Museum. It was fun, but I was frustrated that I had more historical knowledge than the tour guide did. All those African-American history classes must have stuck with me. After the tour, we had lunch at the Legacy Center, then rode back to the church in the Tan Van. Oh, at the museum, there was a whole flock of wild turkeys on the lawn. That was neat! Friday afternoon, I did some research for my papers, caught up on e-mail, did some cooking & cleaning, & fetched my kitty from the vet.

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Andi said...

Give J my best. The whole early menopause thing is a little distressing... We can't possibly be entering that phase of our lives already, can we?!?!?! I'm only just becoming acquainted with the Mother energy. I'm not ready for Crone... even early hints of crone. :)

I hope that Martha realizes that she's being inappropriately judgemental. I hope that you won't be too disappointed if she doesn't. Many of these backwards beliefs are amazingly tenacious.